Thought I’d give you a closer look at one of the production design sketches instead of another desk shot.  This is to figure out the street-view and adjacent buildings to The Happy Samurais loft.  I don’t worry about doing a super-tight drawing or making a “finished” piece.  It’s about planning things out ahead of time, so when the time comes to draw pages with this location, I’m not designing AND drawing.  I’m just drawing.  That keeps the page from bogging down in the middle of it while I design something.  Plus I’ll take these designs into account when doing my layouts for a given scene.  Knowing exactly what something looks like means I can chose the most interesting backdrop to set my scenes/shots against.


All finished with the production design (both interior & exterior) for the band’s loft.  Here’s a snapshot of all the designs.  I may show some of these bigger at some point in the future, but I’m still figuring out what to tease, what to show and what to save for the comic.  Now back to layouts and pages.


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