In Comic Pages Drawn Per Year – Part 1, we looked at 6-issue a year artists, 12-issue a year artists and some ROUGH estimates of Bryan Hitch’s output for a few projects. Again, the reason for this series of posts was my curiosity about how fast other comic book artists were producing pages during a year, or even over the course of a multi-volume project.

Today’s post looks at Stuart Immonen and Chris Samnee’s 2010 output.  These guys are not only blindingly fast artists (12-issue a year guys), but they also always do absolutely phenomenal work.

Stuart Immonen
– 2010 (in the first 301 days of the year)
= 271 pages of pencils
= 28 pages a month
= 6 pages a week 

– link to Stuart Immonen commenting about his productivity


Chris Samnee
– 2010
– 288 pages of pencils & inks
– 22 pages of just pencils
– 13 covers penciled and inked
– 197 blog sketches 

= 310 pages in 365 days
= 26 pages a month
= 6 pages a week

– link to Chris Samnee commenting about his productivity
– link to Chris Samnee giving tips on increasing speed/productivity

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