For part 3 of “Comic Pages Drawn Per Year (Part 1, Part 2) I wanted to look at a couple guys who had worked on a single project that spanned many years of work.  I remember stumbling across a figure somewhere on the internet — 1,342 pages.  That’s how long Jeff Smith’s Bone series is.  Seeing that figure is actually what started me down this path of looking at different creators and seeing how many pages they’d drawn during various points of their career.

When Jeff started Bone, he was writing, penciling, inking, lettering promoting and publishing it!  To say he wore many hats is a ridiculous understatement, but I point that out to give a context to the amount of pages he was producing.  He wasn’t just penciling, he was doing 10 other things at the same time.

As I started looking at Jeff’s numbers on Bone, I realized that while the series was 1,342 pages, it was “only” 55 issues.  Now obviously 55 issues is a hell of an accomplishment, but when I see page counts in thousands for some reason I was thinking it had have been like 80-100 issues or something.  But it was roughly 55 issues at 24 pages each.  Seeing that number 55 immediately made me recall another of my all-time favorite artists, Eduardo Risso.  Eduardo had penciled and inked 100 issues of 100 Bullets (written by Brian Azzarello).  What was his output like over a project that was nearly twice as long as Bone?

So below is the breakdown on Jeff Smith’s Bone, and Eduardo Risso’s 100 Bullets.  Now for the usual disclaimer:  Remember these are just ballpark numbers and don’t take into account all the other comics, covers and other gigs they did during the time they were on these projects.  Oh, and by the way, this July marks the 20th anniversary of Bone.

Jeff Smith on Bone
– 55 issues all written, penciled and inked by Jeff
– July 1991 – June 2004 (13 years)
– That’s roughly 4,700 days or 674 weeks 

= 1,342 pages of Bone
= 103 pages a year
= 8.6 pages a month
= 2 pages a week

= 10 Eisner Awards
= 11 Harvey Awards

Update: After this was posted, the awesome Katie Shanahan (fellow ACAer) and a friend of hers met Jeff at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.  They actually brought up these posts and he thought 2 finished pages of Bone a week sounded about right for his production.  Thanks Katie and mystery friend!



Eduardo Risso on 100 Bullets
– 100 issues all penciled & inked by Eduardo
– August 1999 – April 2009 (9.5 years)
– That’s 3,531 days or 504 weeks 

= 2,200 pages of 100 Bullets (that’s assuming each issue was 22 pages, which I know they all weren’t.  So this number is probably way low.)
= 18 pages a month
= 4.5 pages a week

= 4 Eisner Awards
= 3 Harvey Awards

– during his time on 100 Bullets, Eduardo contributed to dozens of other comics including the 6-issue Batman: Broken City arc and the 3-issue Logan mini-series.




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