J. Scott Campbell had some interesting things to say on comic artists focusing on covers instead of interiors in this podcast by Dollar Bin from last year’s Heroes Con.

“Doing covers has become more of a financial necessity. The art collecting crowd has let us know that they’re willing to spend more money on covers than on interior pages. As artists, we’re paid less for interior pages and they generally take 3-4 times LONGER to draw than a cover. Interior pages are great when they’re done, or when you’re working on them and they’re going well. But they’re also the most gut-retching thing when you’re on a deadline. Covers are great because you’re in and out. And that also let’s you work on a lot of different projects and play in a different sand boxes. I miss drawing interiors and love storytelling. I almost equate it to a movie star doing work on Broadway. They’re not doing the plays for the money. They’re doing it because they love them.”

I thought the financial point about being able to sell them for more to collector’s was interesting. I can’t blame any freelancer for that.  You gotta pay the bills.

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