Robert Kirkman
Geoff Johns
Brian K. Vaughn
Shane Davis
Sean Murphy
Pat Gleason
John Layman
Cory Walker
Amanda Conner
Mitch Breitweiser
Valentine de Landro
Freddie Williams III
Jamal Igle
Phil Hester
Khary Randolph

What series do they all have in common? A big summer crossover event? Or maybe some Batman or X-Men related book?

Nope. It was Jay Faerber’s Noble Causes.

Great article by Greg Burgas at Comic Book Resources about the series and how underrated it is. Reminded me of all the incredible talent Jay had on the book and just how many up-and-comers Jay gave a helping hand to along the way (including myself – I drew a few stories and was the cover artist of Noble Causes for a time).

Jay is one of the most underrated writers in comics. There’s a reason why guys like Brian K. Vaughn, Robert Kirkman and John Layman rave about his stuff. He’s currently on staff writing for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new CW series, The Ringer, plus he’s got a new comic coming out from Image September 21st called Near Death.

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