Had an awesome time catching up with everyone at New York Comic Con. One of the highlights of the week was a night on the town with Paul Pope and friends. Since Paul outed himself on twitter and Chris Hardwick mentioned it during the Legendary panel at New York Comic Con, I’m gonna confirm that Paul Pope does indeed have a badass Nostromo patch on vest.

For the uncool, the Nostromo was the name of the ship in the original Alien film. The patch itself was designed by Academy Award-winning costume designer John Mollo (Star Wars, Alien, Empire Strikes Back). Paul has that patch sewed on the back of his vest, unironically embracing his fandom.

In the photo of Paul below, you can just barely make out the patch on his vest. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my photo of Paul looks just like one of his drawings. It’s even got that Paul Pope light trail effect to it.

Paul Pope with Nostromo Patch

Paul Pope Light Trail Effect

Nostromo Patch

Nostromo Crew Patch


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