Weekly Buzz Magazine

Final assignment for the typography class I took this semester. We had to do a typographic cover for a “Special Issue” (Spring Dining Guide, Summer Fun Guide, etc.) of a local weekly tabloid called Buzz Weekly. I had specifically avoided using my illustration background as a crutch in prior pieces, but for this last assignment, I thought I’d see what I could do with merging illustration and typography together, but in a way where the illustration was part of the type. Thought it’d be cool to do something with 3D letters, but I wanted to avoid the clean, perfect, plastic look that usually accompanies them. Pulled off the analog 3D look I was going for pretty successfully. All the bands listed on the cover are actually from my comic, The Happy Samurais. I’m sure this will end up in the comic somewhere (background poster or something one of the characters is reading).

Really happy I took this typography class. I learned a lot and really upped my game. Hoping to take Typography II (book/publication design) if it’s offered in the fall.


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