Shots of the finished studio space. Don’t think I’ve ever lived or worked in a room that wasn’t just pure white. Thought I’d do some crazy shit to it and make it bold, bright and vibrant. The white sliding doors behind my drawing table access a huge storage area that fits my entire comic collection with room to spare. Built the display book cases myself out of metal shoe rack shelves from Ikea. Some of the original art I have up includes: Indiana Jones commission by Toby Cypress, a thank you note Jeff Smith sent to anyone who wrote him a Bone fan letter (not original art, but a reminder of nice guys that do things the right way), sketch of me Paul Pope did at Heroes Con 2004, Ka-Zar page Andy Kubert gave me as a going-away present from the Kubert School, and trading card art of Bulldozer from the Wrecking Crew by Andrew Robinson.


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