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Got four Happy Samurai pages with really heavy backgrounds, so I’m working on them all simultaneously. First I’ll do underdrawings for all the panels (what you see here), then I’ll composite all those together in Photoshop (add characters, , extra details, etc.). Finally, I’ll print them out and lightbox them for the finished page.


Was just struck with realization of how intertwined an artist’s personality and the work they create are. Come up with two or three words that describe an artist (writer, musician, etc.) and tell me they don’t also describe the type of art they make.

Joe Kubert – powerful, tough, no-nonsense
Paul Pope – intellectual, dynamic, rock-star
Erik Larsen – loud, unfiltered, fun-loving
Sean Murphy – cerebral, defiant, biting sense of humor
Greg Capullo – intense, badass, dynamic
Todd McFarlane – bold, calculating, rebel
Matt Fraction – cerebral, humorous

Same thing applies to guys like David Mack, Alex Maleev, Mike Mignola, Ashley Wood, Jamie Hewlett, James Jean. The list goes on and on.

It’s pretty hard to describe your own personality, but if I had to take a shot, I’d say meticulous, passionate and over-complicated. Which are really just different ways of saying OCD : )


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