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Here’s some of the cool stuff I got for my birthday.  Joe Madureira’s Battle Cashers Anthology, Erich Sokol’s Playboy Cartoons and Moebius’ new Arzak comic.  All these books are big and oversized (9″x12″ +). Sokol and Moebius from Stuart Ng Books and Battle Chasers off Amazon for $57 (regular price is $100).

The Battle Chasers Anthology is basically just like the DC “Abosolute” editions.  It’s big and oversize with nice glossy paper and comes in a slipcase.  It contains basically everything that was ever created for the series: all 9 issues, the Frazetta magazine short, both Adam Warren shorts, 7 pages of art from the unfinished issue #10, all the regular/variant covers and pinups for the series, a lot of developmental and convention sketches, plus a fold-out poster.

And lastly, something I’ve wanted for years.  The Headpiece to the Staff of Ra!  It’s really an awesome replica of the original from Acme Artifacts.  Made out of metal and has some good weight to it.

Just ordered this Rhys Cooper silkscreen poster.  They’re SHARKS dressed like Macho Man, Bret Hart and the Ultimate Warrior!  I’m pretty sure it’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my life.  And Macho Man makes an appearance on the blog, two posts in a row.  That’s never a bad thing.

Got my Fighting JC figure from Ashley Wood’s 3A Toys last week. 1/6th scale figure (12″) that is epically badass.  Here he is in front of the 14″ Badbot figure also from 3A.

Boys Don’t Cry

Perfect image to go with a perfect pop song.  I don’t know what those shoe-wrap things are, but they are ridiculously sweet.

Brat Pack

Stumbled across this old Rick Veitch cover in one of the folders on my desktop today.  Such a rad image. And look at that typeface for the logo!  It’s totally ridiculous (and awesome).


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