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You know that feeling you have when you get a new page of original art? You just bask in the glory of it. Savoring every detail.  Memorizing every nuance. You develop a personal relationship with it. It’s amazing what that single page can make you feel.

Now multiple that feeling 176 times (one for every page) and you MIGHT begin to understand just how staggeringly awesome IDW’s Walt Simonson’s: The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition is.

The first thing you notice is just how massive the book is. At a full 12’x17″ it dwarfs even the tombstone-sized Alex Toth: Genius Isolated book — though it’s not nearly as thick (photos below show scale compared to regular comic and against a DC Absolute Edition). The book features seven full issues of Thor Walt wrote and drew (Issues #337-340 & #360-363). Walt hadn’t sold any of the pages, so they were able to scan the original art, all in full-color, so you could see construction lines, paste-ups, whiteout etc. Plus, all the pages were lettered by the brilliant John Workman, so you can actually read the story (and study John’s work).

Walt is in my personal pantheon of creators. Of course his work on Thor was legendary, but I hold his X-Factor, Fantastic Four and Orion work in the same regard. All of what makes Walt such an amazing artist is just bursting out of these pages. The power. The energy. The storytelling. The unbelievable draftsmanship.

Owning his full-size pages and getting to really study them is such an amazing opportunity, I can’t even put it into words.  What I can tell you though, is this book has already had a profound affect on how I’ll approach all my future work.

After one day, Walt Simonson’s: The Mighty Thor Artist’s Edition is already one of my most cherished books.

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition Cover

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's EditionWalt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Walt Simonson's: The Mighty Thor Artist's Edition

Picked up The Art of Doug Sneyd today at my local comic shop.  It’s a 9″x12″ hardcover from Dark Horse Comics that comes in at about 250 pages (photo above gives you a sense of scale compared to a regular comic).  This book is drop dead gorgeous.  Just like Sneyd’s women.  And right now you can get it for $21 from amazon, so there’s no excuse not to pick it up.

Couple late arriving art books I ordered for my birthday.  The new Alex Toth book from IDW and the Art of Kung Fu Panda 2.  The Toth book is HUGE – close to 10″x13″ and probably 1.5″ thick!  Below you can see it side by side with a standard comic book trade paperback.  Only had a chance to flip through it so far, but it seems to be equal parts biography and coverage of his work in the early years.  So you get photos and info about his growing up, getting into art, time in the army, and then lots of reprints of various stories he did.  One of the coolest things is that this is just volume 1 of a 3 volume set!

Here’s some of the cool stuff I got for my birthday.  Joe Madureira’s Battle Cashers Anthology, Erich Sokol’s Playboy Cartoons and Moebius’ new Arzak comic.  All these books are big and oversized (9″x12″ +). Sokol and Moebius from Stuart Ng Books and Battle Chasers off Amazon for $57 (regular price is $100).

The Battle Chasers Anthology is basically just like the DC “Abosolute” editions.  It’s big and oversize with nice glossy paper and comes in a slipcase.  It contains basically everything that was ever created for the series: all 9 issues, the Frazetta magazine short, both Adam Warren shorts, 7 pages of art from the unfinished issue #10, all the regular/variant covers and pinups for the series, a lot of developmental and convention sketches, plus a fold-out poster.

And lastly, something I’ve wanted for years.  The Headpiece to the Staff of Ra!  It’s really an awesome replica of the original from Acme Artifacts.  Made out of metal and has some good weight to it.

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