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The chaos that is my drawing table when I lay out a scene.

Layout work for a scene in The Happy Samurais #1.

Gabe Bridwell's Desk Shot 12.22.11

The reference madness that goes on in my studio while working. That’s all for one building!

Gabe Bridwell Desk Shot, what's on the drawing table 8.22.11

Ming's House of Metal Recording Studio W-I-P Sketches

More production design work for The Happy Samurais.  Working on the exterior design of their apartment (building, rooftop, adjacent buildings etc).  Gave myself two weeks to do all the production design for this (both interior and exterior).  I’ll need today and possibly a little of tomorrow to finish it all off, but I’ll take it.  Part of me was always worried I’d get carried away and spend like six weeks on this.  Two weeks might sound self indulgent, but I feel it was absolutely warranted.  This location is the most important and prominent in the whole serious.  Gotta treat the design as such.

Up late at the studio doing production design for The Happy Samurais living/rehearsal space.  I’ve being dreaming about designing this place for close to two years now (I know, I’m sick in the head).  Testing out all the ideas I had for it, then all the variations on those ideas.  Went through all the books and reference folders I had saved up for it — production design folder alone had 1,500 images in it (remember the “sick in the head” thing?).  It’s definitely gonna be the craziest, most epic thing I’ve ever designed, and if you know all the things I’ve worked on over the years (including all the “secret” stuff), that’s saying something.


Thought I’d add in a couple notes I wrote to myself to kind of guide me and keep me from straying off track as I worked on these designs.

  • design with storytelling in mind
  • don’t just design a room that looks cool.
    • what will be behind the characters?
    • what will frame them?
    • which direction will they primarily be facing?
  • design props/furniture that are appropriate for THESE characters
    • don’t draw a couch I think is cool
    • draw a couch THAT character thinks is cool
  • how will that area look in an up/downshot?
    • add in vertical elements to help emphasize the scale/depth

Shot of all the different under-drawings I did for page 17 of The Happy Samurais first issue.  All composited together in Photoshop and then lightboxed onto the final page.  Second image is final board and all the other components that go with page 17 — FX and SFX overlays.

Yep, that’s how I lightbox stuff.  One copy of my underdrawing taped underneath the actual comic page, one copy next to it (or in this case ON it) so I can see what I’m supposed to be lightboxing a little clearer and a blank piece of copy paper to rest my right hand on so I don’t smear any of the final pencils.

Last post you got to see some of the background work-in-progress for The Happy Samurais page 14-15.  Thought I’d show you the next step, which is compositing in the figures (top image), and then lightboxing my underdrawing onto the final board.  I’m just coloring the book from pencils, so the lightboxing stage is really my “inking”.  No real blacks spotted in the linework.  That will all be handled in the colors.  After the pencils are finished, I’ll take a piece of copy paper, lay it over the top of the pencils and draw all my FX (effects) and SFX (sound effects) on it.  I’ll just scan them separate and add them as their own layer in Photoshop, so I’m as flexible as possible for my final piece.

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