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Or Goo Goo G’Joob.  Whatever does it for ya. More SFX work from my comic, The Happy Samurais.

I’m pretty excited about how I’m handling the SFX in The Happy Samurais.  Obviously with a Rock ‘n’ Roll comic, sound plays a HUGE part of things.  I spent a long time checking out how other people had handled sound/music in comics.  I took the best of those elements, added in a few of my own ideas and came up with something pretty different and cool.  It’s a complicated process, but the first step is hand-lettering the SFX (rather than go with a digital font).  I think it’s gonna come out pretty cool, but the great Nate Piekos of Blambot (who I respect a great deal) told me he doesn’t care for a mix of traditional and digital lettering.  That if the SFX are hand-lettered, the balloons ought to be as well or he feels it stands out like a sore thumb and takes him out of the story. Definitely something to keep an eye on as I go forward.

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