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Last post you got to see some of the background work-in-progress for The Happy Samurais page 14-15.  Thought I’d show you the next step, which is compositing in the figures (top image), and then lightboxing my underdrawing onto the final board.  I’m just coloring the book from pencils, so the lightboxing stage is really my “inking”.  No real blacks spotted in the linework.  That will all be handled in the colors.  After the pencils are finished, I’ll take a piece of copy paper, lay it over the top of the pencils and draw all my FX (effects) and SFX (sound effects) on it.  I’ll just scan them separate and add them as their own layer in Photoshop, so I’m as flexible as possible for my final piece.


Compositing all the different under-drawing elements for the top half of a double-page spread.  All elements drawn on paper (some on same paper, others on separate sheets) then scanned and composited in Photoshop.  That way I’m flexible and scale things as needed to make the shot work the way I envisioned it. After all the compositing is done, I print this out and lightbox the final pencils.  No 3-D models or sketchup with the backgrounds.  All by drawn by hand.


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